Owned and Operated by Tracy and Mikki Terzian
4735 S. Englehart Ave Reedley, CA 93654 (559) 859-3163
Ansel Adams Wilderness - Yosemite National Park
Operated under USFS and NPS permits
Spot Trip:
You furnish your camping gear and supplies. You are taken in by horseback, your gear and supplies by pack animals, to a desirable campsite. After your packer unloads the stock, the packer and the stock return to the pack station. We will then retu'rn for you on a prearranged date. From your campsite you can hike to other lakes, streams and mountain peaks. The length of your stay does not affect rates. This is both a popular and economical pack trip.

Deluxe Trip:
We provide all camping gear, equipment, food, packers, cook and stock for the duration of your trip. You relax and enjoy on this trip, as we do all the planning, preparing and cooking. You have your choice of camp locations. You need only bring your personal gear and sleeping bag. This is a fun-filled, worry-free trip, ideal for first-timers.

Continuous Hire of Stock:
The packer and stock remain with you for the entire trip. You provide your own camp equipment and provisions. You choose your itinerary and decide to make a base camp with daily rides, or move whenever and wherever you wish, to see more of this beautiful country.

Backpacker Trip:
You may ride or hike to your camp. Many hikers prefer to ride in, so that they are ready to hike the rest of the trip. You can then backpack out, or arrange to be packed out. We can also arrange to take supplies to a specified location an a prearranged date (food drops). Charges are based upon packer, area, and animals required.

All Day Fishing Trip:
Take a two hour ride to a beautiful High Sierra lake or stream and enjoy a day of trout fishing.

All Day Sightseeing Trip:
There are many areas to visit and enjoy within a 1/2 day ride from the Minarets Pack Station. One example is a ride to "Surprise Saddle", that overlooks the vast drainage of the north fork of the San Joaquin River with the Ritter Range of peaks, including "The Minarets" in the background. Bring a jacket and a camera.
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