Kennedy Meadows
~ Since 1917 ~
57 miles east of Sonora on Hwy. 108, near the Sonora Pass
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"Gateway to the Emigrant Basin Wilderness Area"

Here pack trips for the sportsman or the entire family are provided with competent guides, packers and cooks for "All Inclusive", the "Extended Trip", and the "Spot Trip". All Inclusive trips include a guide, cook, stock, food, and most of the equipment. The Extended Trip allows you to keep the packer and stock with you, thus making it possible to move camp and fish and hunt in many different areas. On Spot Trips the packer takes the party to a desired spot and returns at a later date to bring them back to the pack station.

We limit our One Day Spot Trips to 14 miles. Any point farther requires two days travel for the stock - one day taking you in and one day for the stock coming back, (four days total charge for the round trip).

One packer can handle up to 10 head of stock, additional stock requires another packer. Safety regulations limit a packer to five pack animals under his control. We allow 150 Ibs. per pack mule. Almost anything you wish can be packed in, such as food, beverages and other conveniences. All of our stock is chosen to accommodate everyone from the smallest child to the most experienced adult rider.

To make reservations: Send us the number of saddle and pack stock needed; desired destination; date of going IN and coming OUT; plus 20% deposit. NOTE: Get reservations early.


1. Pack mules can be rented by day or week.

2. Emigrant Lake, Spring Meadows, or a 15-mile limit are considered a one day trip, any distance farther requires a 2-day trip.

3. Arrival time at the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station is 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise arranged.

4. Arrangements can be made to stay in a cabin the night be" fore. The restaurant serves breakfast starting at 6:00 a.m.

5. Our stock can accommodate anyone from the smallest child to the most experienced adult rider.

6. Short trips are recommended if you have small children.

7. Wilderness permits must be obtained from the Forest Service and be in customer's possession upon arrival at the Pack Station. If coming from the West get your wilderness permit at Summit Ranger Station, #1 Pinecrest Lake Road, Pinecrest, CA, 95364, 209 965-3434......IF you are coming from the East Side, you can get your permit conveniently at the Bridgeport Ranger Station, HCR 1, Box 1000, Bridgeport, CA 93517 (760) 932-7070. The Forest Service will prepare your permit (they're still free!) and leave it outside their office for nighttime pickup if you anticipate passing the ranger station at a time when the office will be closed.

8. All trips are customized to your wishes.

  WILLIE RITTS, Owner Emigrant
  Wilderness & Yosemite Back Country
  Winter P.O. Box 4010, Sonora, CA 95370
  (209) 532-9663 Summer: P.O. Box 4010,
  Sonora, CA 95370 (209) 965-3900

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